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DirectDial for AutomationDirect tm 3 week lead time

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  Price     $279.00
  Status     Usually Ships Within 48 Hours
  Item Number     DirDial
Product Description
All new design, better sounding voice.  Words can be saved to a .WAV file and placed on an SD card making the speech much more versatile.
DirectDial uses Modbus protocol to talk to any AutomationDirect PLC platforms.  Now anyone can listen to status updates of important process information: “V-memory 2000 contains the value 1345." plus the data can be read as Signed or Unsigned decimal with decimal point.

DirectDial can call any number of phone numbers for many alarm conditions. The unit is programmed completely by the PLC ladder logic designer. The prerecorded voice prompts will speak status updates of all monitored values. The unit can connect to land line or cellular phones. By calling the unit, the operator can get the current status of V-memory V0 to V7777 plus you can save values to any V-memory location between V2000 and V4777. Call out messages are programmed into the V-memory and are clearly spoken using prerecorded speech synthesis. Other voice prompts guide the programming sequence to make setup simple.


DirectDial is conveniently mounted in a DIN rail enclosure so it will fit most anywhere. It is powered by 12 - 18 Vdc.

DirectDial Manual