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DirectFlash II SD Card Logging

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  Price     $299.00
  Status     Usually Ships Within 48 Hours
  Item Number     DirFlashII
Product Description

Direct Flash II logs data to any SD card up to 32GB.  Log by time or event.  Saves data in all PLC data formats (BCD, Real, Decimal and Signed Decimal).  The latest release of redisigned hardware and firmware will also log from a Click! PLC.

**Please note the Direct Flash II is now compatible with SD cards up to 32GB!.**

The DFII can also capture your PRINT or ASCII OUT data and write the data to the filename of your choosing.

Simply attach any AutomationDirect PLC cable to the DFII, insert any size SD card up to 32GB into the slot, apply power and the unit is ready to data log the values you want!  

The SD card must be setup ahead of time with information on what data needs to be logged.  This is a simple step that takes a few minute with a PC and a Notebook editor program.

DirectFlashII Manual