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LJB Engineering

Startfighter and Viper Command Central!

Now selling the Buck Rogers Starfighter in 3.75" scale for the 1980 version of Buck Rogers.

Very detailed model.  3D printed!  All wonderful feedback from eBay users.


Now selling the Battlestar Galactica Viper Mk1 and the Scarlet Viper.  Both scaled for the 3.75" action figures from 1978. Very Very good feedback from eBay users.


The Scarlet Viper was a concept by Richard Hatch for the Battlestar Galactica Second Coming.  I modifed the Viper design to create my idea of the Scarlet Viper.


Battlestar Galactica Buck Rogers in the 24th Century DirectNet Loggers

Colonial Viper Mk 1
$175.00  BUY!

Buck Rogers StarFighter
$190.00  BUY!

Scarlet Viper
$190.00  BUY!